Yearlong Mini Major Courses


Musical Theatre– For our students who love the stage or want to learn more about what it takes to put together a stage production. These students learn about singing, acting, dancing, costuming, staging, etc., all in preparation for performances here at school and during magnet night events. 


Dance– Our mini-major dancers learn the basics of several different types of dance, including ballet, modern, contemporary, etc. as well as get to perform at our magnet night events. This mini-major is open to both students with no dance experience and those who dance outside of school but would like to dance more. 


Art– In addition to their normal once a week art special, students in our art mini-major get to dive deeper in to the content and do even more art projects, learn about different styles, mediums, artists, etc. These students have additional art pieces displayed at our magnet night and art events.  


Orchestra– For students who are musically inclined and want to explore instruments beyond typical percussion and woodwinds/brass instruments, our orchestra mini-major is perfect. Students with no experience on the violin, viola, cello, or bass become proficient musicians performing at our magnet night and community events in our orchestra program.  


Instrumental Ensemble– For students who are musically inclined but are not interested in stringed instruments. Students in instrumental ensemble will get experience with multiple different starter instruments, including recorders and steel drums. This mini-major is perfect for students who may want to join band in middle school and beyond.  


Computer Science– For students who love building things and finding solutions, our computer science mini-major introduces students to coding, engineering, and computing for real-world problems. Students use block coding and gaming to enhance their tech skills and prepare for high school level computer courses in middle school. Starting next year, students will even get to dabble in some basic robotics.  


Spanish– Our Spanish mini-major is designed to give our elementary students the best foundation for taking HS Spanish in middle school. They have fun, play games, create skits, and do art projects all while practicing the acquisition of a new language.